Learn direct from a real Japanese tutor!  Receive private and affordable lessons via Skype from Emi, a professional Japanese tutor who is fluent in both English and Japanese.
Contact Emi at emi_peridot18@hotmail.co.jp for more information and to set up a time!
Above is a preview of Sheep Slinger GL
Sheep Slinger GL is a brand new game which although has been based on the idea of the original Sheep Slinger is totally new and fresh.  Sheep Slinger GL is our biggest release yet and packed full of features!  First released on iPhone, will be coming next to Android.  We invite you to take a look and learn more about Sheep Slinger GL by visiting the official facebook page! Search "Sheep Slinger GL" on facebook.  We highly recommend you take a look at the screen shots there and the video,  you wont be dissapointed!
Super Rix! is a brand new action packed game available on Android.  Featuring my own son Rix, fly through each level destroying enemy robots who are determined to only cause havoc in our world.  Features a super strong yet super cute hero, a variety of enemy robots and bosses, multi-layered scenery, power-ups, tilt-screen steering, a whole lot of action and fun.  This is awesome and free! Try it today!
"Kids Scene It! & Support Japan" is a brand new app just released on Android.  It is an app designed especially for kids which allows them to create dazzling scenes, all in a kid-friendly fun environment.

Kids start off by choosing one of 12 scenes with which they can create their masterpiece,  they can then select from a variety of animated or still items (such as animals, nature, weather...) to place on their scene, which they can move around, size and rotate.  Kids can also use a variety of brushes to draw on the screen including the spectacular Rainbow brush, Sparkle brush, Neon brush and more!  Kids really enjoy this including my kids, they are always asking to "play on my phone".

This app is dedicated to raising funds for the recovery efforts in Japan and as such, all revenue which Kymah receives will be donated to a charity recommended by our Japanese consulate.  We do thank you so much for your contribution.

Well, it's official! Japanese Language Word Search is now available to purchase from the App Store for iPhone and other Apple devices, and still just 99 cents. Just search "Japanese Language Word Search" in iTunes or on the iPhone.

We have also developed a version for the PC and are looking forward to making it available online very soon. If you're interested in Japanese and still haven't tried this game... what are you waiting for? Now available on Android AND iPhone!

In Cosmic Defender, it's your mission to save earth from incoming meteors. Using your finger to launch ammo into space, match 3 or more of the same color meteors to cause an explosion and by yourself more time.

As the level increases, more colors are introduced and it gets more challenging. If you manage an impressive high score, you can easily submit your score to the online scoreboard and claim bragging rights. You're gonna have to rack up combo points and use special effects orbs wisely.

This fun and addictive puzzle game requires quick strategic thinking. At just $0.99, check it out on the Android Marketplace! Let us know what you think of the game and report any issues or comments through our comment form.

Over and out!

Just released and loaded with fun features-- Kids Art Shop on Android from Kymah Games! Kids Art Shop turns your Android phone into a canvas to draw, trace and design, then save your creation to your phone or replay it. My favorite mode is the scene creator where you get to pick a background and place animated pictures and effects on top. In free draw mode, you can choose from different brush styles and colors, plus other tools like smudge.

Designed for kids, but adults will enjoy it, too! Look for it on Android Marketplace -- just 99 cents!
This week, we released two new Kids games for Android. With the success of Kids Halloween Games, we decided to create Kids Christmas Games with a new Christmas-theme and extra mode. The game allows kids to do Christmas counting, patterns, popping candy-filled balloons (my favorite), and tracing/coloring. It was designed with kids and parents in mind, and has been kid-tested and approved!

We also released Kids Ninja Math, which allows kids to choose a fighter and go head-to-head with the opponent with simple math questions. The math problems are represented by ninja stars as well as numbers, giving multiple ways to learn and play. The winner is best out of three tries! There's also a hard mode for big kids and adults.

Our games are just 99 cents and can be found on the Android Marketplace!
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at hello@kymah.com.